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I was born in Canada and lived there till I was ten. I came to the Azores in 1985 and I have lived here since. I have been working as a Taxi guide since 2000. I can speak English, Portuguese, some Swedish and Danish.

My taxi takes up to four people. The prices are applied per taxi. On my web page you can see the prices and the itineraries. No deposit is required when services are booked; you only pay at the end of the tour. You should book in advance to have priority. I do not smoke and it�s not allowed to smoke inside the car.

If you need more information, please feel free to e-mail me on the contact form on my web page.

What can I offer:

Private tour guide gives you the opportunity to fully enjoy all that I have to offer, appreciate our nature wonders, in a comfortable and safe mean of transport, without long time driving almost 250 km/day and looking in the map, that can exhaust you if you rent-a-car.

Bus tours normally have an inflexible schedule. Private questions are a little difficult to answer, because there can be another 50 people wanting to ask questions too. They deal with mass tourism.

Taking taxi guided tours gives you the opportunity to visit the best places on the island, going sometimes to roads where even jeeps can go and to some exclusive places too, in a stress free, comfortable and safe way. With personalized explanations you will appreciate and enjoy at its best this little paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Taxi Tours