Hiking Tour # 5 - Furnas Lake

Hiking Tour # 5 -  Furnas Lake

Path of Hiking Tour # 5 - Furnas Lake

The Hiking Tour starts at 9:00 AM from your Hotel or Meeting point and finishes at 16:00 to 17:00.
During the Tour it includes a stop at a viewpoint before the hike and then after the hike.
For who wants at the end of the Hiking Tour, may have a hot thermal bath at Poça da Dona Beija pools (entrance fee not included).

The Hiking Tour includes Guide, Transporte and Pic-nic.

Time: 8 hours (Includes pick up hour and drop off hour)

Minimum 3 people from the 1st of April 2019

Category - Circular
Difficulty - Easy
Extension - 9.5 kms / 6 miles
Time average - 3 hours