The Azores


Activities you can do on the island of São Miguel:

On the island of São Miguel, I can help or order several activities: Whale watching and dolphin watching, Deep sea fishing "Big Game fishing", Diving, freshwater fishing, boating, underwater observation, canoeing , Jet Skiing, Surfing, Waveski, Windsurfing, Bodyboarding, Rowing, Sailing, Sailing, Pedestrian walks, Horse riding, Riding, Hunting, Bird watching, Paragliding, Football, Paintball, Golf, Mini Golf, Tennis, Bowling, Mountain Bike, Go-kart, Volcanowatching Volcanism and also Geocaching.

Things to do in the city of Ponta Delgada:

You can visit the Carlos Machado museum (linked to the Santo André Monastery) and the Military Museum (Fort de São Brás) and the Ponta Delgada Synagogue.

Admire four botanical gardens: António Borges, José do Canto, Jacome Correia (where the Government Palace is located) and the Maria Amélia de Mendonça or Maria do Monte garden in the village of Fajã de Baixo in the Augusto Arruda pineapple greenhouses. The Pinhal da Paz Botanical Park in Fajã de Cima and the Terra Nostra Botanical Park in the Furnas Parish are also worth a visit.

In Architectural Religious terms we have the Mother Church of São Sebastião, São Pedro, Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres / Monastery or Convent and Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Esperançaa, Clérigos or Todos os Santos Church, São José, Of Santa Clara, of São João and the Chapel of Alto de Mãe de Deus with a splendid viewpoint to see the city. It is also worth noting the Mother Church of Our Lady of the Star, the Church of the Holy Spirit mainly in front of the Church and the "Arcano" museum all in the city of Ribeira Grande. In Vila Franca do Campo the Mother Church of São Miguel and the Chapel of Our Lady of Peace overlooking Vila Franca do Campo.

Religious Traditions on the island of São Miguel:

In the Azores there are several religious and popular festivals throughout the year. The feast of Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres is the largest religious festival in the Azores, held on the fifth Sunday after Easter, on the island of São Miguel, in the city of Ponta Delgada. Before Easter, in the time of Lent, (about 6 weeks) groups of men from all parishes of the island of São Miguel "Romeiros" walk praying around the whole island.

During the month of April to June the Festivals are celebrated in honor of the Divine Holy Spirit, a little by all the freguesias of the island.

On the first Sunday after Easter, the Procession of the Sick is held in the parish of Furnas, where you can appreciate beautiful flower carpets.

May 14 is the procession of St. Michael the Archangel in Vila Franca do Campo.

June 24th the Festivals or Marches de São João in Vila Franca do Campo.

June 29 in the city of Ribeira Grande the "Cavalhadas" (marches of riders on horses).

August 15 the procession of Our Lady of the Angels in the parish of Water of Pau.

On the last weekend of August, the procession of Senhor Bom Jesus da Pedra takes place in Vila Franca do Campo.

September 6 is the procession of the Heart of Jesus.

In Ponta Delgada you can visit:

The Mercado da Graça / Fruta, admire the main street of the traditional trade, Machado dos Santos with a beautiful Portuguese sidewalk walk, see the City Gates, and Council Hall in the main square in the city center, walk on Avenue Infante Dom Henrique to see the cruise port and the marina of Ponta Delgada "Portas do Mar", two shopping centers: Parque Atlântico and Solmar Avenida Center, visit a lava grotto the Cave of the Coal, the various craft shops, travel on the train "a Caterpillar "within the city and play at the Casino Hotel Casino Prince of Monaco. Near the city there is the Pineapple Plantation "Augusto Arruda" in the parish of Fajã de Baixo.

Places where you can swim in the island of São Miguel:

n late spring to early autumn, one can swim in the Atlantic Ocean with an average temperature during this period is around 20 degrees (max. 24 degrees). On the Island of São Miguel there are several beaches such as: Milícias and Pópulo beach (the two closest to Ponta Delgada), Alto water, Vinha da Areia, Caloura, Praia da Viola, Ribeira Quente "Praia do Fogo" South coast. On the north coast there is Santa Barbara beach, Areal de Santa Barbara, Porto Formoso beach "Moinhos", "Lombo Gordo" beach in the Northeast and on the west coast, Mosteiros beach. As for the natural pools there are the Mosteiros, the Capelas, Caloura, Ferraria in the parish of the Ginetes and the islet of Vila Franca do Campo. There are also public swimming pools in Lagoa and Ribeira Grande. In the Vila Franca do Campo aqua park "Atlantic Splash".

Swimming pools in the island of São Miguel:

In the Freguesia of Furnas there is behind the zones that can bathe in water at approximately +40 degrees: The swimming pool of the Terra Nostra Botanical Park (5,00 euros entrance fee), the thermal baths of Poeira da Beija (2.50 euros entrance fee) and In the house Oliverbanhos with thermal baths and massages (? Euros entrance), near the Church of Furnas. On the way to the Fogo Lagoon there is the Old Caldeira, a cascade of iron water with a small natural pool, has a temperature of approximately +30. And finally on the southwest coast of the island of São Miguel, in the parish of the Ginetes in the area called Ferraria. When the tide is low, the water reaches a temperature almost above +50 degrees, in a small bay or natural pool there. In this natural pool the temperature depends on which area is in and the movement of the sea, meaning that the closer you are to the natural pool entrance, the more the sea is calm, and the low tide. Having a possibility of a great variation of temperatures in a small space of time and place.