The Azores

Climate & Economics

The climate of the Azores is temperate sea characterized by a mild climate, with an average annual temperature around 15 degrees. During the summer, the average air temperature is from 23 to 25 degrees and average sea temperature from 22 to 23 degrees. During the winter the average air temperature is 13 to 15 degrees and the sea average of 15 to 16 degrees.

All this is caused by the Hot Current of the Gulf that passes through the Azores and later influencing the Azores Anticiclone.

Rainfall is more regular during the winter months, however it rains sometimes in summer but less than in winter. Another factor is the high relative humidity of the air, which characterizes the climate of the Azores (77% average per year). These two factors are very important because it helps the island go green all year round, which is why São Miguel is considered the GREEN ISLAND of the Azores.

The active population is around 111,000 people with a low unemployment rate, which is around 6.4% (2009). The major factors for low unemployment are civil construction and the development of the tourism sector. The primary sector occupies 12.4%, the secondary sector occupies 25.9% and the tertiary sector occupies 61.7%.