The Azores

Fauna & Flora

The island of São Miguel is a must stop for migratory birds from America and Europe. There are about 200 species that can be seen in São Miguel during the year. One of them endemic, only seen in this island, called "Priôlo". During the time of the orange, the bird was hunted until almost to exhaustion, considered pest, (this bird was fed of the flowers of the orange) partially destroying the orange production, but also the introduction of exotic plants in the island, mainly the content and The incense (invasive plants nowadays), has destroyed the endemic plants of the Azores, which is the main food of the Priolo. Nowadays with the program LIFE Priôlo and the development of programs of protection of the bird, there has been an increase in the number of these birds, existing around 250 couples. Its present habitat is located only in the area of ​​"Serra da Tronqueira" (one of the best areas for bird watching), and "Pico da Vara" (the highest point of the island with 1103m). Other important bird species are: the "Milhafre" (the symbol of the Azores flag, and the bird that was believed to be the Azor, which then gave the name of the Azores Archipelago), "Cagarro" , Rock Pigeon, Woodpecker, Garajau, Seagull, Blackbird, Chaffinch, Echinacea, Alvìola, and other species of birds can be seen.

Terrestrial animals are: Bravo Rabbit, Hedgehog, Rats, Little Lady or Weasel, Largatixa, Frog and several domestic animals, especially the Azorean queens can be seen (there is no species of snakes or dangerous animals).

In ponds and streams: Carp, Lucio, Perch, Trout, Red, Ruivaca, Red Crayfish, Sands..

Due to regular rain almost all year round, and the fertile soil, São Miguel consists of 56 endemic plants such as: Queiré, Urze, Whitewood, Serra da Serra, Cedro do bush, Folhado, Holly, Trovisco male, Ginja Of the bush, Laurel, Vinhâtico, Tamujo, Sanguinho, and others.

One of the most important and important trees introduced is the Japanese Cryptomeria for wood, the second tree for the wood is the Acacia. The main and representative flower of the Azores is Hydrangea; And the flower most seen, which is even a plague, is the Conteira or Roca-de-Velha.

Blooming during Summer

Hydrangea, Agapantos, Indian cane, Roca-de-Velha, Aloendro, Fire tree, Summer magnolia,, Protea, Goias, Silva (Blackberries), S. Lourenço stems, Chagas, Tojo, Garden peach Passion fruit Purple, Bells and etc.

Blooming during Spring:

Azaleas, Azedas, Pológono do Jardim, Anoneira, Araucaria, Giant Palm Tree, Marigolds, Chorão, Clóvia, Martinete, Rose of the Rock, Yams, Pascoinhas, Rice, Floricos, Sighs, Sugar, Cape Stars, Banana, Rhododendron, S José, Cachos Roxos, Rococo Passion, Bells and etc.