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Activities to do on Sao Miguel island

On Sao Miguel, Azores I can assist you on scheduling several activities such as: Hiking trails, Whale watching or Dolphin safari, Boat tours, Big Game fishing, Lake fishing, Snorkeling, Scuba diving, Horse riding, Canoeing, Jet Ski, Wave ski, Surf, Wind surf, Body board, Hunting, Rowing, Yachting, Paragliding, Moto 4 tours, Mountain climbing, Bird Watching, Paint ball, Biking, Rappel/slide, Soccer, Golf, Mini Golf, Tennis, Bowling, Speleology or Volcano watching, kart, B.T.T., and even Geocaching.

Culture things to do on Sao Miguel island

In Ponta Delgada city, you can visit the museums: Carlos Machado (connected to the Convent of Saint Andre), Military museum (Sao Bras Fort), and the Ponta Delgada Synagogue.

In Religious terms you can see: the Saint Sebastian mother church “Sao Sebastiao”, the Saint Christ of Miracle church “Santo Cristo dos Milagres” / Convent and Chapel of “Nossa Senhora da Esperança”, the Colegio or “igreja de Todos-os-Santos” church, Saint Joseph´s “Sao Jose” church, St Peter´s “Sao Pedro” church, Santa Clara church, and the “Alto da Mae de Deus” chapel view of Ponta Delgada. There is too the mother Matriz church of “Nossa Senhora da Estrela”, and the “Arcano” museum in Ribeira Grande city, and in Vila Franca do Campo the mother Matriz church of “Sao Miguel”, the chapel of “Nossa Senhora da Paz”(view of Vila Franca do Campo town), and of course all the other churches around the island in each village.

Top Things to do in Ponta Delgada city

You can visit the Fruit market, admire the main traditional shopping street “Machado dos Santos” with beautiful stone basaltic sidewalks, go to the center main square and see the gate entrance “Portas da Cidade”, the City Hall, walk on the Infante Dom Henrique Avenue and see Ponta Delgada sea port “Portas do Mar” and Marina, 2 shopping centers “Parque Atlantico” and “Avenida Center”, go on the local (train) “a Lagarta” traveling in the city, visit the volcanic cave named “Gruta do Carvao” and several handy craft shops, or even play in the Casino “Hotel Casino Principe de Monaco”. Close to the city you can see to the Pineapple plantation “Augusto Arruda” in Faja de Baixo village.

Where to Swim on Sao Miguel island

From the end of Spring to the begging of Autumn you can swim in the Atlantic Ocean, average temperature during this time is around 20º (max. 24º). There are several beaches on Sao Miguel: the closest beach from Ponta Delgada are the “Milicias” and “Populo” beach, “Agua de Alto” beach, “Vinha da Areia” beach, Caloura beach, “Praia da Viola” beach, and the Ribeira Quente beach “Praia do Fogo” all on the South coast. On the North coast there is Santa Barbara beach, Areal de Santa Barbara beach , Porto Formoso beach, “Praia do Lombo Gordo” in Nordeste town, and the Public swimming pools in Ribeira Grande city . On the West coast the Mosteiros beach. There is too in Lagoa town the Public swimming pools. In Vila Franca do Campo town there is the Aqua park “Atlantic Splash”. There is too several natural swimming pools, the most important one´s are in Mosteiros village, Capelas town, Caloura area and “Ferraria” in Ginetes village and the little isle of Vila Franca do Campo.

Thermal pools on Sao Miguel island

There are the three places in Furnas village, where you can swim in iron water, around +40º warm: The "Terra Nostra Botanic Garden" big swimming pool (fee entrance 5,00 euros), the "Poça da Beija" hot natural thermal tubs (fee entrance 2,00 euros), and the “Oliverbanhos” house with a inside thermal pool and massages, that is close to Furnas church. On the road towards Fire Lake, there is "Caldeira Velha" a hot iron waterfall, with a pool to bath in, at a temperature around +30º warm, and last there is a place called "Ferraria", in Ginetes village, on the Southwest coast of Sao Miguel, a unique hot water spot in the Atlantic Ocean. When the ocean tide is low, the temperature reaches almost +50º warm in the little bay or natural swimming pool, in that place, the temperature depends in which area you are in, and how calm is the Ocean, meaning that, when more calm the sea is, lower the tide is, and closer you are to the entrance, more warmer the water is, having a variety of temperatures in a short period of time bath and area.

Religious Traditions on Sao Miguel island

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