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Fauna and Flora of the Azores

The island is an obligatory stop for migration birds from America and Europe. Around 200 species can be seen on Sao Miguel during the year. One of them is endemic, seen only on Sao Miguel called "PRIÔLO", once considered extinct was rediscovered. Its present habitat is located in the area of "Serra da Tronqueira" (very good for bird watching) and "Pico da Vara" (the highest point on the island with 1103 m). Other important species of birds like the "Milhafre" Buzzard Eagle (the symbol of the Azorean flag), "Cagarro", Wild Canary, Chalfinch, Cliff Pigeon, Pica zuro Pigeon, Common Tern, Gull, Black Bird, Red Robin Brest, Yellow Watgail and others can also be seen here.

Land animals like ferret, hedgehog, wild rabbit (good for sport hunting), frogs, toads, small lizards and several domestic animals specially the azores cattle dog can be seen here (no snakes or poison animals).

In the lakes and rivers there are fishes such as: Red-gurnard, Cruscian and Common Carp, Yellow Perch, Old World Pike, Pike Perch, "Sandre", Common and Rainbow Trout. For sport, fisherman license is very easy to get in the Forest Office in the city of Ponta Delgada.

Because of regular rainfall during the year and fertile land Sao Miguel is composed of 56 endemic plants such as: Cedar, Scotch Heather, English Holly, Heath, Wild Berry, "Pau Branco", Laurel tree, "Tamujo", etc…

One of the most important and main introduced specie is the Japanese Cedar for the lumber, second specie of lumber is the Acacia and the main flower in Azores is the Hydrangea, symbol of the Azores.

More introduced species of plants and flowers that are seen on the road and landscape is:

Blooming in the summer time:

Hydrangea, Agapanthus, Indian Shot, Ginger Lily, Torch Lily, Large Flowered Magnolia, New Zealand Christmas Tree, Oleander, Cape Marigold, Strawberry Guava, Scarlet Sage, Montebretia, Weigelia, Flame tree, New Holland Daisy, Morning Glory, Purple Passion Flower and etc…

Blooming in the spring time:

Azaleas, Kaffir Lily, Purple Passion flower, Plane tree, King Proteia, tree Rhododendrom, Garden Nasturtium, Bugle Lily, Wistaria, Chrysanthemum, Hottentot, Giant White Lily, Morning Glory, Purple Passion Flower and etc…

Blooming in the autumn time:

Belladona Lily, Pampas Grass, Rose of Sharon, Morning Glory, Guernsey Lily, Firethorn, Black Berry or Giant Bramble, Cassia, Giant Reed, Agave, Sweet Chestnut tree, Common Fig tree, Morning Glory, Adam's Needle, Bougainvillea and etc…

Blooming in the winter time:

Camelia, Sword Aloe, Blue Gum tree or Eucalipthus, Poinsettia, Colt´s Foot, Winter Magnolia, Bermuda Butter Cup, Red Flowering Sorrel, Gorse, Japan Plum, Calla Lily, Sweet Orange tree and etc…

And then there are plants and flowers that bloom all the year because of the regular temperature. They are: Begonia, Hibiscus, Dwarf Banana, Bird of Paradise (Estrelicia). There are many more flowers and plants that have to be seen by the curious ones who should visit and enjoy this island. That is why this island is a Gigantic Botanical Garden. See Flowers and Plants Photos

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