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Sao Miguel is divided in four touristic parts to visit:

Sete Cidades - Is located in the west area. It has the biggest volcano crater- 18.6 km² - where it could fit the smallest island of the archipelago of Azores named Corvo. Inside the crater, there is a Blue and Green Lake, and S.Tiago Lake.

Including the west coast, there is an area called Ferraria, where when the tide is low, you can find hot water around 30º to 50º, a unique opportunity to have a hot bath in the Atlantic Ocean. In this area, there is also the possibility to visit one of the best pineapples in the world, grown in greenhouses. See Sete Cidades Photo 1

Fogo - Located in the middle of the island, it is a natural protected reserved area, with one of the most beautiful green emerald lake on the island (Fire Lake), and Caldeira Velha, a hot Iron Waterfall with an exotic scenery nature.

In Ribeira Grande, the liquor factory, which the main production is Passion Fruit liquor, it has already won 6 golden medals in contests around Europe, and other flavour liquors. In Lagoa, one can appreciate the ceramic pottery factory. See Lagoa do Fogo photo gallery

Furnas - Located in the middle of the island, but more on the east side, where one can find the geisers, hot springs and one of the richest thermal hydrologic area in Europe (22 different water springs). Also can be found the richest and most beautiful 12.5 hectare "Terra Nostra Botanic Garden", which has inside a hot iron swimming pool.

In Furnas you can eat a traditional food from Sao Miguel called the "Cozido das Furnas", which is a kind of stew with beef, chicken, many pork parts, meat sausage (chouriço), black sausage, potatoes, sweet potatoes, Yams (a kind of African potato), carrots, white cabbage and kale. All these ingredients are cooked in an aluminium pot underneath the ground for about 6 hours. It is recommended to order it a day before. See Furnas Photo 3

Furnas is close to the only tea plantation in Europe.

Nordeste - Located in the northeast area of S. Miguel, it is the greenest, and the most flowered and protected area of the island. It has 20% of forest, a very dramatic landscape and the most beautiful and organized picnic and barbecue area of the island. It also has a spectacular waterfall on the way. See Nordeste photo 4

These are just some ideas, but there is plenty more for you to discover. So, plan your next trip to the Azores, especially to Sao Miguel, and appreciate these wonders of nature with a personalized and relaxing tour around the island with Gary Travassos Taxi Tours.

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